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Pandemic Influenza

Influenza is a common infection in travellers. All travellers should be immunised against influenza provided there are no contra-indications. Please check prescribing guidelines.


Many measles outbreaks occur when travellers become infected while overseas and then spread the virus when they return to Australia. Travellers should know their measles immune-status. Unless there is a history of confirmed measles in the past, or documentary evidence of two measles vaccinations, then measles vaccination is recommended for all travellers, providing there are no contra-indications to having the vaccine.

Hepatitis A

Vaccination recommended for protection against disease.

Hepatitis B

Concerning hepatitis B vaccination: even if it is not included in the country recommendation below, certain activities (e.g. sexual contact, some sporting activities, tattoos, skin piercing, health care work and others) may place the traveller at risk of hepatitis B irrespective of the prevalence of hepatitis B in the countries to be visited, so an individual assessment of risk for all travellers should be undertaken.


Vaccination recommended for protection against disease.


Chloroquine & Antifolate (eg Paludrine, Fansidar) resistant malaria.
Short stay prophylaxis - Doxycycline 100mg daily OR Mefloquine (Lariam) 250mg weekly OR Malarone 1 tablet daily.

P.knowlesi ('monkey malaria') has been notified from Singapore. Antimosquito measures alone suffice. WHO advises antimalarials not necessary due to limited risk.